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Get To Know Me - Patty

Position:  Advanced Practice Nurse
Agency:  Department of Health & Social Services

Class Specification

Why do you like working for the State?
I actually retired from Child Development Watch and then came back because I love working with children. The staff is amazing and at the end of the day I just feel like I've made a huge difference. But I also like working with the children. And I think especially the parents because even though I'm assessing the children's development I get an opportunity to talk to the parents and educate them on some things that they can do to help impact their children in a positive way.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
I don't know if I would call it challenging but a little more heart wrenching. When I get children that I know will make some developmental progress but they're never going to be that typical kid. Those children may meet those milestones but it's going to be a lot later and it's a lot more challenging for the parents and I see that in the parents' faces. I think that's probably the most difficult part of my job.

What kind of education is required for your job?
They have to get a masters degree and they have to get a certification in pediatrics, as a Pediatric Advanced Practice Nurse. And just come prepared to expect the unexpected. I think that's probably the main thing.

Is there anything else you would like to say about working for the State?
I love it. I did it for 13 years and I left to pursue other areas of interest. And the opportunity came up about year and a half ago to come back, in a seasonal capacity. And I jumped at it because I knew that was that was my love and that's what defined me all these years.