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Get To Know Me - Rich

Position:  Biometrician
Agency:  Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control, Division of Fish and Wildlife

Class Specification

What is a typical day like for you?
As a Biometrician my activities can range from being on the boat for 10 hours, catching fish and crabs and counting them to being in the office for a full day, analyzing all the data.

What skills do you feel are most integral to becoming a successful Biometrician?
I decided to become a Biometrician because of my interest in fish and marine biology. In order to become a Biometrician you must have a Bachelors' degree or higher in Life or Physical Science, or a related field. And, to be successful in this position you must have strong mathematical skills. I use statistics and math daily in a range of fishery applications. My research can range from trying to quantify what the size of a fish population is, how many fish we can remove safely before it affects the population, to predicting what impact regulations will have on a harvest.

We also use these statistics and math to describe species biology: how they grow, how long they survive, how they reproduce and these things are all important for managing health in populations.

What is your goal as a Biometrician?
Our goal is to ensure that there are healthy populations of fish and shell fish. And that is quite rewarding. It not only has an impact on our ecosystem, but also on people and our economy.