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Get To Know Me - Chuck

Charles “Chuck” Peck
Position:  Tax Auditor III
Agency:  Department of Revenue, Division of Finance

Class Specification

What's a typical day like for you?
I am a Tax Auditor III for the Division of Revenue where I work primarily on corporate tax returns, licenses, and gross receipts. Most of the time the entities we are working with are the large, Fortune 500 type of corporations. And, as far as a typical day – that's one of the things I like. There's not really a “quote” typical day. Part of the time I am in the office looking at returns, doing correspondence and writing letters. And, the other part of the time I am out on the road doing field audits.

Through our computer system we have developed a field audit which identifies items that we want to look at and examine on a corporate return. So, typically we make a contact via letters to the corporation and then they will have you come out to their corporate headquarters where predominately, most of them, keep all their records and tax returns, corporate staff, and their accountants. So, we go and meet with them on site to review documents and records and see what's going on.

Why did you choose to work for the State?
I enjoy working for the State. It's probably one of the only places that I'm aware of that still has a defined Pension plan in place in addition to paid holidays and vacation time.