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Our Mission

The mission of Delaware Department of Correction (DOC) is to protect the public by supervising adult offenders through safe and humane services, programs and facilities.

About the Department

The Department of Correction is the largest law enforcement agency in the State with over 2,500 employees. Delaware provides a unified correctional system, with all correctional facilities and institutions falling under the jurisdiction of the State. The Department supervises between 6,500 - 7,000 inmates within our correctional facilities and approximately 17,000 probationers within the community.

Within the unified system, Delaware maintains a five-level system of supervision for offenders:

Correctional Officers Graduation
  • Level V - 24-Hour Incarceration
  • Level IV - Work Release, Home Confinement, Residential Drug Treatment, Probation Violation
  • Level III - Intensive Probation Supervision
  • Level II - Standard Probation
  • Level I - Administrative Supervision